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Aubrey Flegg
Children's writer, Teen Fiction Writer
Discussion with Writer, Reading and Q&A
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9 - 18
Primary, Post Primary
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I have currently five books in print, all for young people, & all published by The O’Brien Press  Katie’s War (1997) is set in the time of the Civil War in Ireland. Katie’s father comes home from the Great War, shell shocked. Katie wins him back to normality, but when civil war breaks out in Ireland Father’s sanity is again threatened. Katie’s loyalties are divided until she realises that there is something she can do in the cause of peace. (9+)The Cinnamon Tree (2000) is the story of a young African girl who loses a leg when she steps on a landmine. Yola’s courage in overcoming her terrible injury is helped by her becoming involved de-mining. Later she uses her acquired skills to rescue her young cousin Gabbin, who has been taken as a child soldier. (9+)

The Louise Trilogy. The trilogy commences in the 17th century. Wings Over Delft (2003) is about the painting of a portrait of a young heiress, Louise Eeden. It is also about art, & deception, & Louise’s growing love for the Master’s apprentice, Pieter. In The Rainbow Bridge (2004) we leap forward to the time of the French Revolution when a young French Hussar, Gaston, rescues Louise’s portrait from a Dutch canal. As Gaston gazes on the portrait Louise comes alive in his mind. Soon she is a living presence & formative influence on his life. In the Claws of the Eagle (2006) takes us to Vienna at the turn of the last century. Louise’s portrait hangs in the room where young Izaac Abrahams practices his violin. He plays to the girl in the portrait until and she too, becomes his companion and mentor; that is until Erich Hoffman, a young SS officer, acting on Hitler’s orders, appropriates the portrait from him. All three meet again in Auschwitz. (Young adult +).


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While the value of an author visit is greatly enhanced if teachers have prepared their class, there are always some pupils who need to be brought up to speed. I like to read and talk for about 25 minutes, often showing slides to illustrate where the ideas in my readings have come from. For The Cinnamon Tree, these are slides of Africa, while for Wings Over Delft, I show slides of Delft and contemporary paintings. I bring my own laptop, projector and screen. I do however require a room with subdued lighting.

Age Group Details

Both Katie’s War and The Cinnamon Tree are used in forms 5 and 6 in the Primary Cycle. There is however material suitable for older age groups in both books. I prefer to say 9 yrs +. The Louise Trilogy was written for 12+ but works for young adults of all ages. I strongly recommend the Teaching Guides which are available for Katie’s War, The Cinnamon Tree, Wings Over Delft, and The Rainbow Bridge, all from the O’Brien Press, or for free download from www.obrien.ie. More material is available from this site. I am interested in dyslexia and would be happy to talk to children with reading difficulties.

St. Nicholas' House, Rostrevor Road, Dublin 6
(01) 496 1369
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