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Liam Farrell
Children's writer, Storyteller
Storytelling Session, Creative Writing Workshop
Age Group
4 - 12
Works in English ONLY
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mornings, Afternoons

Publications/ repertoire/
productions & background experience

I am a Children’s Author & Storyteller. I also write freelance newspaper and magazine articles. I have four books published by The Children’s Press. My first two books The True Story of The Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf (2001) and The Trial of The Big Bad Wolf (2002) were positively reviewed on the Pat Kenny Radio Show. My third book is The Return of The Big Bad Wolf (2004). My fourth book called Goldilocks the Babysitter from Hell (2006) landed me an appearance on The Den on RTE2 just before Christmas 2006 where I got to be interviewed by one of my all time favourite heroes, Dustin on Dustin’s Daily News. For more details of my books, my storytelling shows and reviews of my work please visit my website: www.liamfarrellstoryteller.com

Sample of work not yet available, but something will be soon. I hope to put some video footage of my show up on my website fairly soon.

Session Details

By invitation and recommendation I visit primary schools, libraries, bookshops and community events all over Ireland. In primary schools I do my storytelling for junior infants up to and including fourth class. For fifth and sixth classes I do a talk on How to Get Started in Writing.
For my storytelling I dress up in a wolf’s costume and act out the characters in my first book The True Story of the Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf. I retell the story from the wolf’s point of view and claim that it was all the fault of The Three Little Pigs. I try to convince the children that I am really a good wolf. It is a very interactive all action noisy show. The children are encouraged to take sides and are asked to vote every so often as to whether I’m a good wolf or a bad wolf. Each show takes about a half an hour. It would be advantageous, but not totally necessary to have my books read to the children beforehand.
For fifth and sixth class I do a talk on How to Get Started in Writing. Think of me as a Young Writer’s Start-up Kit. My talks are designed to encourage and inspire those who are interested in developing their writing skills commercially. I cover such topics as initial ideas, research, the process of writing, editing, rewriting, layout and presentation and where to find markets. I also give students a practical project to get them started writing commercially. My talks take between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the number of questions. Questions are encouraged and welcomed throughout.

Age Group Details

I take individual classes, or groups of classes according to age. While there is no strict upper limit on audience numbers, I find the best results are had by keeping a similar age profile. Like junior and senior infants together, first and second class together, third and fourth class together for the Wolf Show and fifth and sixth class together for the Talk on Writing. Talks and shows can be done in the classroom or a school assembly hall. At least one teacher, librarian or bookshop assistant must be present at all times. I do not work with children unsupervised.

Availability Details

As you are aware I am available through the Writer’s in Schools Scheme run by Poetry Ireland. But I am also available by private arrangement. Rates are available on request, or see the CONTACT ME hyperlink on my website for more details.

I am available Monday to Saturday all day or part of day including evenings.

'Dragonsfield', 3 Leinster Court, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
(01) 628 9954/ (086) 167 9179
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