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Ann Egan
Poet, Novelist, Dramatist
Discussion with Writer, Reading and Q&A, Creative Writing Workshop, Drama Workshop, Master Class
Age Group
4 - 18
Primary, Post Primary
Works in English ONLY
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mornings, Afternoons

Publications/ repertoire/
productions & background experience


Brigit of Kildare -  historical novel - 2001; Landing the Sea – poetry collection - 2003; The Wren Women – poetry collection - 2003; Telling Time - poetry collection - 2012; The Baltinglass Rebellion 1580 -’01 (M.A. Thesis 1989)

Editor  - Selected

The Midlands Art and Culture Review – Guest Editor 2010;The Saint, The Stone and the Viking - Anthology of children’s writing –San Carlos NS Leixlip 2003; Laois Echoes with Fionn MacCumhaill – Laois Anthology 2010; Kildare Ways – Anthology of Kildare Writers -2003


I have read at the national literary festivals and facilitated creative writing workshops. I have also organized and hosted ‘Reading Concerts’ for schools and young people based on my residencies in counties Kildare, Offaly; Laois, in Arts Centres; School Halls; Libraries.

Songwriting in conjunction with composers and CDs produced.

Collaborative Playwriting with children.

The Wren Women staged by Writers’ Week Listowel 2003.

Making A Legend come Alive - Laois, A Sense of Place – Áras an Chontae, Laois, 2010

I have held writing residencies in counties, hospitals, schools, prisons and secure units.

In 2010 I was Laois Writer-in-Residence.  My poems have been broadcast on RTE Radio and on local radio stations around the country. I have edited twenty two books. My poems are published in many nation and international journals.

Session Details

I like to have researched the school, area, background and history. I introduce myself and show my books, talk about writing and reading. I read some samples of my work. I have a question and answer session. My ideal workshop is: I like if time allows to facilitate creative writing with the class. I lead with the steps to making: poem; story; dialogue; legend; character etc. I edit the work or selected work to show the progression.I like to finish with: What will I do with my writing?
Maybe: class reading; concert night; article publication; journal. These processes depend on the time allotment and are very rewarding for students and for me. They showcase everyone’s imaginations.

These are some of the workshops I have devised for Primary Schools:

Make a Poem
The Make a Poem Workshop is a creative journey into each pupil’s unique imagination. Ann, through her tried and tested ‘Steps of Poetry,’ will facilitate the child’s expression of ideas, feelings and experiences and guide the process into beautifully crafted, original poems. Age: Adaptable to all ages. Maximum number of children per session: 30

Make A Play
Making a play assists the child to engage with the curriculum in an active learning-based way. Following collaboration with the teacher, Ann will initiate a class-centred play, based on local history, or folklore or an agreed theme. She will guide the children towards self-expression that will involve reflection, imagination and sensitivity.
Age: Adaptable to all ages. Maximum number of children per session: 30

Short Story
Make A Story
Make A Story Workshop is a pathway for children to explore the wonder and limitless stretches of their imaginations. Through finding story structures: start, middle, finish; character creation; storyline development; each child will walk through their own world of wonder. They will engage with each other, share ideas and explore events from diverse perspectives. The process will develop and reinforce communication skills and build self-esteem. Age: Adaptable to all ages. Maximum number of children per session: 30

Make A History Pageant
History Pageant looks at characters and events in the History Curriculum. In consultation with the teacher to choose the theme, Ann will recreate the past in story form. In collaboration with the children, an adventure of dialogues, monologues, conversations will be created. Today’s world will meet the ancient world and exchange opinions. Through active listening, concentration and memory, this enjoyable and creative process will make history a living artform. Age: Second Class to Sixth Class. Maximum number of children per session: 30

Make A Legend
Make a Legend provides a doorway for children to enter the world of our inherited stories. Ann will retell the legend and invite the children to proactively meet its characters, involve their imaginations in the unfolding of the sequences. This will lead to active observation, looking at new perspectives and developing and reinforcing communication skills. Through sharing ideas in the wonderful world of legends a strong group dynamic is enhanced and communication skills flourish. Age: Adaptable to all ages. Maximum number of children per session: 30

Age Group Details

I enjoy working with children, young people and adults.

Availability Details

Generally available

8, Abbey Court, Prosperous Rd, Clane, Co. Kildare
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