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Brianóg Brady Dawson
Children's Writers & Illustrator
Reading and Q&A
Age Group
4 - 12
Works in English ONLY
Limited Availability

Publications/ repertoire/
productions & background experience

Stories for younger children in the Pauda Series (O'Brien Press) include Granny's Teeth, Danny's Smelly Toothbrush, Granny Makes a Mess, Danny & Baby-Do-it-All, Granny's Secret, Danny's Pesky Pet, Danny's Sick Trick, & Pageboy Danny.

Granny's Teeth (1998) was a number one bestseller & launched the mischievous career of Danny Brown, a source of much amusement for early-independent readers.

As a primary school teacher in Ireland, I have a keen interest in the development of pupil creative writing skills; sessions with older pupils can involve a talk on the writing process: 'How a Book Comes About'. 


Session Details

I like to work with a max. of 2 class groupings. The intimacy of the classroom situation is preferable to larger groups in a hall. I usually take about 3 sessions on a visit, each for about 45 mins. each, although junior infant groups my be be happy with 30 mins.

Sessions introduce the main character, Danny, in a fun way. Following story reading, pupils are usually invited to role play & orally create & develop story ideas from presented props.

Older pupils are introduced to initial drafts of writer & illustrator & shown the development of a book with a focus on input from both, & from the publisher.

Age Group Details

Reading: 4-8 yrs
Talk on creative writing: 'How a Book Comes About' with pupils 8-12yrs
Single/double class groupings in a classroom

Availability Details

As a teacher, I unfortunately have to rely on periodic free days for classroom visits. I have visited schools for evening presenations. Visits to libraries can be arranged for Saturdays or after 3.30pm

c/o Poetry Ireland, 32 Kildare Street, Dublin 2
((01) 678 9022
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