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Joe Brennan
Dramatist, Storyteller
Storytelling Session, Creative Writing Workshop, Storytelling Workshop
Age Group
4 - 18
Primary, Post Primary
Works in English ONLY
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mornings, Afternoons

Publications/ repertoire/
productions & background experience

Joe will take you on a journey of magic and wonder through the highways and byways of Ireland, from his native Wexford to his home in Donegal. He will bring you over the seas to exotic and mysterious lands that lie beyond the horizon of our imaginations. His repertoire of folktales, myths, legends and original stories reflect the wide gamut of human experiences and emotions.

Joe is a natural communicator, very much at ease with any audience. Growing up in Wexford he was steeped in stories of days and characters past by both his parents. His affinity with stories, and those who inhabit them, was further deepened through his work as a teacher and radio broadcaster, and by his experiences travelling. Joe has told stories in schools, libraries, nursing homes and community locations across Ireland and beyond. He has also facilitated workshops in storytelling and creative writing with a wide range of groups including school children and teachers.

He has featured in numerous storytelling festivals including Nyskund Storytelling Festival(Norway); Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival; Loug Gur Storytelling Festival; Mohill Storytelling Festival; ‘Stories from the Hearth’ Festival, Wexford; Sperrins Storytelling Festival; Ulster Storytelling Festival, Cultra; Wainsfest and Bealtaine.

Joe is the author of the highly successful children’s play The Witchin’ Well. The Witchin’ Well was first commissioned for the Earagail Arts Festival in Donegal and subsequently toured Ireland twice. It also travelled to Bucharest for the ‘100, 1000, 1000000 Stories’ International Theatre Festival for young audiences. Joe has also told stories and facilitated workshops as part of this international festival. Joe was also a guest at the ‘Rainbow Festival of Theatre for Young People’ in St. Petersburg.

Session Details

Joe has vast experience of working in the schools telling stories and delivering workshops in storytelling, creative writing and drama. He combines all three when delivering residences. The goal of such sessions is to encourage the pupils to delve into the depths of their own imaginations to set their creative spark alight and to encourage the students to find, and express, their own ‘voice’. Sessions can be of a general nature or tailored to meet more specific goals or to address specific themes.

For storytelling sessions Joe believes that students get the most out of a session when the numbers are kept to one class group. It allows for greater interaction and leaves lots of room to take questions. It also leaves space to explore stories and to begin the process of creating stories which can be completed In the classroom.

For workshops Joe likes to work with the students sitting in a circle, with the teacher participating fully in the group. For residencies it is useful to have access to a larger space to expand the range of activities and to engage with drama.

Age Group Details

Works with all age groups across primary & post-primary schools

Availability Details

Generally available & will travel

Letterkenny Road, Ramelton, Co. Donegal
(086) 600 2928

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