WIS Visits

Preparing for a Visit: teacher

To make the most of a visit, the writer and teacher should discuss their expectations and aims prior to the visit, and how best to engage and involve the students. Schools should have agreed the following with the writer in advance of the visit:

  • Number and size of groups:
    For creative writing type sessions, we recommend that groups be kept to a minimum ie no more than 20. Also, some writers are more comfortable than others working with large groups.
  • Length of the visit
  • Student’s familiarity with the writer’s work:
    For sessions where a writer will be reading from and/or discussing their work, students should have read some of their work. Questions can be prepared by students prior to the visit.
  • The type of visit that the school would like eg reading, creative writing session, talk etc.
  • Any classroom requirements
    Make sure the writer has been provided with clear directions and/ or a map to the school.
    All teachers whose classes will be involved should be notified prior to the visit.

On the Day of the Visit

  • The writer should be met on their arrival.
  • Introduce the writer to the relevant staff.
  • Show the writer the bathroom facilities.
  • Provide writer with refreshments at break times.
  • A teacher must be present with the writer at all times in the classroom.
  • WIS Single Visit Application Form
  • Writers in Libraries Application Form
  • Writers in Residence Application Form
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