WIS Visits

Preparing for a visit: writer

The following is a checklist of questions which will assist the writer plan for a WIS visit

Contact details

Who is the person who rang you – e.g. secretary? principal? Who will be your contact for the visit? Get names, phone numbers and email addresses of contacts and teachers

Date and duration of visit

  • When will the visit take place?
  • What is the duration of the visit?
  • Start and finish times?

Structure of visit?

  • How many separate sessions?
  • Duration of sessions?
  • What classes / age groups?
  • How many pupils in each session?

Type of visit

  • What type of session is preferred e.g. storytelling, workshop, talk, reading, or a curriculum-based session?
  • Is the visit part of school arts week/ part of another programme?


  • Where will the session(s) take place? In classroom/ hall/ assembly/ library/ other?
  • What are the acoustics like?
  • Is the space free / uninterrupted?


  • What is the exact purpose of the visit? What do you and the teacher want to achieve?
  • Is follow up planned? If so, what?


  • Is the school mixed/ boys/ girls?


  • Are there any specific areas of creative writing that the teachers would like the writer to concentrate on?

Children’s profile

  • Have the children any specific needs e.g. learning issues, special needs, cultural/ethnic issues, sensitive issues that the writer should be aware of such as a recent bereavement?
  • What are the ability levels?
  • Are the pupils already familiar with the writer’s work?

Teacher’s role

  • Do teachers whose classes are involved know about the visit?
  • What is the teacher’s role?

Location of school

  • Directions to school – ask for a map if available


  • Inform school of your approach to this

Equipment requirements for writer

  • Outline needs such as flip chart, name tags, etc.
  • WIS Single Visit Application Form
  • Writers in Libraries Application Form
  • Writers in Residence Application Form
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