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Conversation Between tanseman@gmail.com and kevo the poet
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  1. kevo the poet
    07-04-2009 10:58 AM
    kevo the poet
    Yo where you at John?
  2. kevo the poet
    10-03-2009 09:47 AM
    kevo the poet
    Hey John,

    an abstract from a poem ive wrote.

    Good things are around the corner
    Embrace life unlike the mourner!
  3. kevo the poet
    06-03-2009 04:29 PM
    kevo the poet
    lol no i mean your Location, its got some long message which streches the screen!
  4. kevo the poet
    05-03-2009 05:16 PM
    kevo the poet
    Hey you sabataged the forum lol, its gonna all wonky...
  5. tanseman@gmail.com
    04-03-2009 10:40 PM
    I think you said u couldn't find message...

    Here..just thanking u guys...I am so damn dramatic and



    Your visotor messages, and kevos, when I dissapear are genuine with concern for me...

    It is like I am in deep water where I go under and them surface

    here, again...

    I just want you and kev to know I find a kinship in these...

    Shane, kev...I wish i was closer, geographically

  6. tanseman@gmail.com
    04-03-2009 09:19 PM

    Please read my message to shane...

    nice facial pic...your ears make you look like "Spock"

    ; - )
  7. kevo the poet
    27-02-2009 06:31 PM
    kevo the poet
    Welcome back Stranger!
  8. kevo the poet
    22-01-2009 08:46 PM
    kevo the poet
    Hola amigo

    where u at? not seen u around a few days?

    Speak soon

  9. kevo the poet
    13-01-2009 09:35 PM
    kevo the poet
    Welcome back!

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