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Conversation Between Windhover and kevo the poet
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  1. kevo the poet
    29-03-2009 01:35 PM
    kevo the poet
    Hey billy no mates except me on your friends list lol
  2. Windhover
    22-02-2009 10:18 AM
    Hey Kevo. Thanks for the invite and for thinking of me here. The presence of fairly draconian attitudes on this site does seem to militate against any real freedom in regard to something as natural to poetic expression as erotica. I believe a forum for adult rated work is something that's needed. I have to say I feel the notion of a 'private club' as a way of circumventing the problem doesn't really appeal to me though (it smacks of something underground and, rightly or wrongly, seedy). I'd like to see the site-management provide an appropriate facility and would certainly back any petition to have it provided. Thanks again for thinking of me. If no better solution comes along I might reconsider my decision not to join for the time being. My very best to you and thanks again. John.

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