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  1. Shay
    27-11-2010 06:43 PM
    Hi Thomas,
    what a pain in the rocks this forum is. Supposedly 208 active members as of today 27-11-2010. In this section of the forum I can only identify approximately 9 active members, and other sections I have checked seem to be a hell of a lot worse than this one.I wonder where the other 200 odd are hiding? Never mind the supposed thousands of other members????? Solutions/suggestions appreciated. I have come accross a few other sites that are a lot more active. I don't want to give up on this site but sadly I feel I am being pushed in that direction due to a lack of activity here. Hard to believe that this site gets €400,000 in grants with only 9 active members???? The mind boggles.
    Regards Shay.

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