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  1. SophieRose
    07-07-2009 11:24 PM
    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks so much for your moon quotes and suggestions from the other 'greats'. I like your one about the promise of the moon. I will sleep on it!

    Many thanks again for taking such time and effort. You obviously realise how much it means to me to get this right!

  2. Gwendrina
    07-07-2009 09:47 PM
    Again, Hi Sophie,

    I sent you in a previous message some moon quotes from various poems I have written. I did not have the length in my previous note to expand on this gesture. I was deeply touched by your kind words regarding my poem, Vesper. And I read about your search for poetic lines abou the moon. I adore the moon in its natural setting and mythological allusions. Therefore, I sent you some of my poetry lines on the same subject. Please feel free to use or toss them as you see fit. You may find something much richer and more appropriate in the poems of Pablo Neruda, William Butler Yeats or Even Tennyson. Just tyring to help.

    Again many thanks and good luck with your seach.
    Take care,
    my best,
    Wendy Howe
  3. Gwendrina
    07-07-2009 09:42 PM
    Hi Sophie,

    Below are some quotes about the moon from various poems I have written. If any please you, feel free to use them.

    The moon loves her windowsill
    as it leans there on elbows
    washed clean in silver light
    listening to the song
    of summer crickets.....

    From a Barn’s dowry

    as solitude sings like a gray wren
    in the cell of my heart –
    I will remember to reap
    the promise of the moon.....

    From Canticle of Our Lady Moon

    Now igniting the womb of Earth
    as the evening breathes low
    in warm, musky tides of peace,
    she calls out to every mother's troubled voice
    echoing in her song, the promised release
    of wisdom that will never fail to guide one.....

    From Moonlight Beckoning

    who glimpsed their daughter’s face
    along the cheekbone
    of a porcelain moon...
    From Lineage

    my best

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