Poetry Day Ireland & Fota Wildlife Park Poetry Trail

Explore Fota Wildlife Park through poetry from Saturday 8 April – Thursday 27 April.

From Saturday 8 April – Thursday 27 April, visitors to Fota Wildlife Park in Cork can pick up a Poetry Trail Map and enjoy some great, family-friendly poems about the animas and trees at Fota.

The Poetry Trail Map is free with entry to the park, and includes poems by famous poets as well as a selection of prize-winning poems from the Poetry Day Ireland and Fota Wildlife Park Children’s Poetry Competition.

We are delighted to announce the overall schools winner of this competition was 9-year-old Amber Bannon of Ballycahill National School, Co. Tipperary. Amber’s poem ‘Elvis the Harbour Seal’ will appear on the Poetry Trail Map, and her class has won a trip to Fota Wildlife Park on Poetry Day Ireland, which will include an animal-themed poetry workshop with  poet Grace Wells.

The other competition poems that have been selected to appear on the map are:

  • 'The Cheetah Speaks' by Rachel Regan, age 11, Co. Tipperary 
  • ‘The Gibbon’ by Aidan Jenkins, age 9, St John the Baptist NS, Co. Cork
  • ‘Strawberry Milkshakes’ by Emily Dunne, age 8, Co. Waterford
  • ‘Spider Monkey’ by John Dunne, age 11, Co. Waterford
  • ‘The Giraffe’s Neck’ by Ava Charalambous, aged 9, Scoil Naisiúnta an Chroí Naofa, Co. Cork
  • ‘Tapir Rescue’ by Abi Barron, age 8, Co. Waterford
  • ‘The Peacock’s Tail’ by Clara Lynch, aged 12, Scoil Naisiúnta an Chroí Naofa, Co. Cork
  • ‘The Indian Peafowl’ by Emma Daly, Scoil Naisiúnta an Chroí Naofa
  • ‘The Mara’ by Ellie Mara, aged 12, Mayfield, Cork

Well done to everyone who entered our competition, we received nearly 200 entries! 

See www.fotawildlife.ie for information on visiting Fota Wildlife Park.