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Win a subscription to PIR

To celebrate passing the milestone of 10,000 followers on Twitter we are offering the chance to win a years subscription to Poetry Ireland Review, the Irish poetry journal of record.

To be in with a chance just leave your name in the comments below – short poems/limericks/blindingly witty comments won’t help you win… but they will keep us entertained!

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and supported us this far – bets of luck to everyone entering the competition.

55 Responses to “Win a subscription to PIR”

  1. Congratulations on the 10,000. That’s grand……..times 10!

  2. If this is the first comment.. then I probably have little chance of winning. Just the way it is.

  3. Congratulations on reaching that Twitter milestone.

  4. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 followers.

  5. Hurray! 10,000 comments cannot be far behind.

  6. “In the place where men often stand
    barefoot above the wandering red dust rocks,
    browning tones of a middling young man
    on the second day of his journey

    unaware of the skittering squirrel patches of pursuit by his feet
    and unaware of the circling red-tail trailing through squint-gleams of sun,
    this man stood looking out into the absence, a gorge as some call it.”

  7. My love is like the gallows:
    She sweeps me off my feet.

  8. The heart of the moon
    is marrow in a broken bone
    blood and black as life
    dead beauty expelled
    like a haunting corpse
    suspended spinning beyond reach
    cold old mirror reflecting life
    keeping none for herself

  9. Congrats on ten to the power of four

  10. it has been some time

    since birdcall
    arrived on the doorstep

    or sunlight
    was anything
    but warm.

    in the elbow
    of a hollow winter,

    bones have a way
    of peeling
    when left in the cold
    too long.

    but sometimes,

    a seed will find its way;

    it settles,
    between the broken foundation
    and takes root

    in the stony places

  11. FUCK ME!why everybody boring
    lyrics, so called rhymes i feel like snoring
    now the way i started this tale
    marshall shane i can keep going ye will fail
    can make things up in a split second its sad
    why put things down to upset you its mads
    poetry rhymes lyrics are there
    not to upset but for people to share
    whoever wins just remember my ink
    people write when they cannot think
    why talk about a broken bone
    cause the words i say r comin from home
    another person talks bout gallows
    christ everybody is our life tha shallow
    what we should write down is a upbeat thing
    to put a smile not just to win
    yet all we want is to moan not smile
    would you rather thumb or just run that mile??

  12. poetry ireland
    your very name lends itself
    to haiku. maith thu

  13. To win a subscription would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

  14. My heart is tolling like a bell under water….

  15. My love for Poetry Ireland poses a serious threat to my marital status.

  16. The sea is dark blue, a mutiny of water
    held in a pincer by the pier and the beach.
    Children’s hats float there, pecked at
    by gulls. Far off there’s gunfire and the sound of
    electricity substations exploding
    in showers of Hogmanay and Your Round.

    Waking up, I grope for my pulse
    and shoot it as it attempts to escape
    out of the barred window. It’s bouncing
    its ball against my sides, catching itself
    in a mitt, throwing again,
    waiting to be let out.

  17. now you have reached this milestone
    10,ooo followers you have
    we salute your great efforts
    to have us feeling so glad

    only for your page
    where would we write our work
    sharing it with others and you
    some of us are old and some of us are new

    we wish you many more followers
    let people share their taughts
    writing is a form of art
    something that comes from the heart .

  18. This is just to say
    that I stole the subscription for myself
    Forgive me
    the poems were so sweet
    and so terse

  19. There once was a girl who went, ‘Tweet!
    Oh, give me the strength to compete -
    with a sub to this mag
    I should boast & I’d brag
    I was lyrically more than complete!’

  20. 10K

  21. Emmaleene

  22. Oh the grand ole duke of York
    He had 10,000 men …

    But that has nothing to do
    with Poetry Ireland Review
    or my chances of stealing a win.

  23. Oh the grande ole duke of York
    He had 10,00 men …

    But that has nothing to do
    with Poetry Ireland Review
    or my chances of snathing a win

  24. From here i can see
    Sea in kerry is close to me
    Not just in winning
    Dublin by my side
    No place to hide
    At least poetry Ireland is nationwide.

  25. It is of mystical significance to me that one can drown in a tea cup of freshwater,
    but it takes more than that to breathed in
    water when it comes from the sea.

  26. Congratulations to everyone at Poetry Ireland Review. May you continue the good work in good health.

  27. A free SUB to PIR
    sounds like a really good prize
    So here’s a few words to add to the rest
    If I win
    I’ll be very SURPRISED

  28. I dreamed a song of Ireland
    Flute and fiddle playing strong
    Tapping feet stroke stone pub floor
    Well pleased the listening throng

    – Congrats PI!

  29. I am not surprised so many follow it is a wonderful publication

  30. Félicitations! Keep it up :)

  31. Do people from other countries have a chance to win the subscription? Like me from Turkey for instance:)
    Congratulations on the twitting success!

  32. I’m keeping my powder dry for “real” writing, and therefore I’m posting a neutral, anodyne and appallingly boring comment. On the other hand I could have used this for writing practice. Oh well, too late now. Anodyne comment it is.

  33. But I would make 10,000 tweets
    And I would make 10,000 more
    Just to be that twit who made 10,000 tweets to fall down at your door

  34. Ah…here in USA, I am watching sunflowers,blessed hosannas rising. BB

  35. 10,000 comments
    like pebbles on a beach
    rittle and rattle
    with the tide
    but not for me
    not for me

  36. Congratulations! Would love to have copies of my own so that I don’t have to worry about my lunchtime coffee getting all over our copies at work ;) –Jen Matthews

  37. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 Twitter followers! Major milestone, well done!

    Let me give you some invaluable advice that my father once espoused to me. He said, “My boy, in life, you don’t have to win; you just have to make sure everyone else loses.”

  38. Congrats! :) And please enter me :)

  39. Congratulations of 10,000! Twitterific!

  40. Does one need to be human? *shuffles awkwardly* Factories need poems too…

  41. water,mutiny,beach and pier
    wet is close as waves crush my inner ear
    once again its bout an artists taste
    when actually it just a waste of space

    iv seperated my lines cause of “pier” pressure

    two more paragraphs for my own leisure

    anyone!!! can do this thing
    but make sure its not a gun you bring
    negativity is why we put words down
    but none of us should have that frown

    im lookin at sites with this poetry thing
    dunno if its poem or rhymes i bring
    everyone negative in what ye say
    why god damm it! are ye that way

    we all sailing in the same boat
    none of us sinking we continue to float

    but wha annoys me most is ye “artistic” people
    who studied “english” ye not god ye evil
    im from a place that would not associate wit ye close
    but read ur comments i think its a joke!
    we should write down words to inspire
    to make waking up not a word,a desire

    my final comments are the last il write
    im sorry if my words made u feel shite
    just think we should be positive in our age
    not talk bout dark times stuck in some cage
    whoever writes comments from here after
    make some sense,truth even laughter
    we can all do with that in our lives
    and after its down ye will get that prize

  42. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like rhyming

  43. It’s not too bitter
    To score on Twitter
    Indeed how sweet
    To raise each tweet
    From ivory tower
    To such a power
    I toast from afar
    The P.I.R.

  44. 10,000 Maniacs..

  45. Ten thousand kisses outdoing Catullus for Poetry Ireland.

  46. Ah, nothing yet by Heaney,
    half-rhyme from mad Muldoon,
    then, I’ll just nip in, crafty,
    the time seems opportune;
    the big boys won’t be bothered,
    would not think of dumbing down,
    so, grant my wish, just post the prize
    to lowly Renagown.

  47. The first 10k is always the hardest. Keep pushing and you will knock that wall aside!

  48. Nothing witty or even Twitty to say – just congrats!

  49. Do I dare to quote from The Lake Isle of Innisfree?

  50. I love PI

  51. Dall’Italia, dove c’è bisogno di poesia…

  52. And they callednit Ireland!

  53. Chevrolet

    I wish I had a Chevrolet
    With a booming engine
    Then I would drive up to your gate
    And boom it impatiently till you came
    And you would come, stepping in white
    And looking all fantastic
    To the ready roar of my engine.

  54. Congratulations on having 10K Twitter followers!

  55. thank you

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