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A poet, a printmaker and … a pony

A poet, a printmaker and … a pony meet in the wild Connemara landscape of Ireland’s atlantic coast to conjure an idiosyncratic collection of observations and imaginings.

David Lilburn, printmaker, painter, draughtsman of the first order, brings his powerful improvisational skills to play in a feisty visual response to poet Tony Curtis’s brilliantly original and unpredicatble imagination, as it deftly moves through the wandering poems in this beautiful and unusual book. By turns, these poems ambush your expectations with humour, sadness, mischief and wonder; belying their apparent simplicity, they weave a life-enhancing magic throughout colourful pages of vivid words and pictures.

Pony is published by Occasional Press in collaboration with Ballynahinch Castle, 2013, in a limited edition of 130 hardback copies.

One Response to “A poet, a printmaker and … a pony”

  1. Tony has captured in his book the true reality of the Connemara pony, I almost feel as though the connemaras have dictated their life stories to him. Amazing

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