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‘Saying Goodbye to Seamus Heaney’, Hugh McFadden

Cad a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad?
Tá deireadh na gcoillte ar lár  …
And that other song was right, too:
‘Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone …’

After the news came you’d gone home for good
It took three full days to feel the sadness.
Slán abhaile to Mossbawn, Bellaghy:

‘Thou thy worldly task hast done
Home art gone and ta’en thy wages’ …

One Response to “‘Saying Goodbye to Seamus Heaney’, Hugh McFadden”

  1. Perhaps that first line of mine should have read as follows:

    Cad a dhéanfaimid feasta gan Seamus?

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