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Budget 2014: Republic of Culture

The National Campaign for the Arts‘ pre-budget submission this year is a video. Featuring the voices of a number of well-known actors, it is a direct call to the government to stop the cuts to the arts and re-imagine a future where the arts are understood and valued in a Republic of Culture.

The three-minute video contains five key messages:

  1. Let’s stop the cuts.
  2. Let’s start. Again. Republic of Culture 2016.
  3. Let’s respect ‘real’ jobs. And know the value of artists.
  4. Let’s get on with it: let’s foster common purpose through shared experiences.
  5. Let’s plan to grow: let’s work together with the Minister for Arts.

You can view the video here.

The National Campaign for the Arts are sending the video to every TD and senior official and are mounting a robust PR campaign.

Their overall aim is to ensure that this video is seen by key public representatives and relevant officials in key government departments, that it is published and shared by arts organisations, arts workers and arts supporters, and that it is profiled by major cultural and news media commentators / journalists / programmes.

However, they need your help to support and strengthen their efforts in making this video go viral. And for those in power to sit up and take notice. So…

Share it: On Facebook, Twitter, Via email, or good old word-of-mouth. Share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and beyond.
Send it: To your local TDs, Senators, Councillors and other people of influence.
(See for details per constituency)

When sharing it on Twitter, use these hashtags: #Budget2014 #NCFA #RepublicofCulture

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