LabeLLit 2018: Take Me Home… A Thousand Times

  • Thursday 28 April 2018, all day
  • Everywhere!
  • Tickets: Free

For Poetry Day Ireland 2018, Belfast-based poet Maria McManus is looking for 50 poets to join her in sharing luggage labels (20 each) with a micro-poem of their own. Poets are invited to leave the literary labels in unexpected places for the unsuspecting, to delight, surprise, engage and gladden a few hearts so anyone can take a poem home.

Maria is looking for 50 poets to join me for LabeLLit 2018 – fifty poets, twenty labels each… a thousand micro-poems waiting to go home. It is a micro-literature response to the world. The purpose is to share small works of literature, on luggage labels, in public spaces. The aim is to share the written word, so whether it is poetry, a maxim, a gut response, a shout out, the quiet voice, a comfort, a gentle confrontation, or just the plain truth, Label-Lit is intended to be shared and is intended to encourage people in other places to connect in evocative, gentle, human ways through literary art and poetry. 

Home is where the heart is... take a poem there...

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Twitter: @mariamcmanus @LabeLLit   Hashtags: #LabeLLit #PoetryDayIRL

Materials supplied. Sign up by 25th March 2018.


(Image: courtesy of Kerrie O’Brien 2016)


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