Schools - it’s time to get involved in the Alphabet Blitz for the City of Dublin

12th October 2020

Are you a teacher who'd like to get your class involved in making an alphabet of short rhymes about Dublin city?

Then why not take part in Alphabet Blitz for the City of Dublin - #ABCDublin #ABCBÁC? It's a project run by Poetry Ireland's Poet in Residence, and there'll be prizes every month for the best entries. 

A teacher from a school outside of Dublin says her class "really enjoyed participating...It was very educational and enjoyable and a great way to learn about our capital city."

Joining the project is very simple - there are two choices: 

1) You can get every student in the class to think of something in Dublin that starts with the letter A. The Áras, Annesley Bridge, Aylesbury, Ailesbury Road, Anna Livia - what's your A? Then they can each make up a little rhyme about it, just two lines will do! Your class can work through the alphabet at your own pace between now and the end of 2020. 


2) You can give everyone a letter, or a few letters depending on the size of the group, and get your alphabet written in the blink of an eye. 

Either way, write a rhyming couplet or short verse for each letter about something beginning with that letter in Dublin. Feel free to draw or paint a picture, or take a photograph, to illustrate each letter, if you like. For copyright reasons, please use only your own photos or illustrations. 

Submissions can be text only, illustrated with drawings or photographs, made into videos - be as creative as you like! Submissions are welcome in English, Irish, or any other languages spoken in Dublin. 

How to submit

You can send us your work one letter at a time, or as a complete alphabet. Send a Word document or a photograph of your work to:


Tweet it to: @tarryathome and @poetryireland on Twitter

Post on Facebook to:

You can also post entries to: 
Poetry Ireland Poet in Residence, 
11 Parnell Square East, 
Dublin 1. 

If you've any queries, send an email or fill in the contact form

Have a look at some samples we're already received here - and below is an entry for the letter B by Matthew Cunnion of 3rd Class, St Pius X BNS in Dublin. 

Thanks and looking forward to seeing All the Brilliant Creations!