Poetry Day Ireland 2015: Lesson plans for schools

Download lesson plans for primary and secondary schools, from Poetry Day Ireland 2015. 

Primary Schools

Writer, teacher and experienced Writers in Schools facilitator Nell Regan has prepared adaptable lesson plans for primary schools, which focus on reading, writing and performing poetry, and are based around the humorous poem 'Louder than a Clap of Thunder' by Jack Prelutsky and on 'The Sound Collection' by Roger McGough.

» Download lesson plans for Junior Infants - 6th Class

» Listen to Jack Prelutsky read 'Louder than a Clap of Thunder'

Post-Primary Schools

Writer and experienced Writers in Schools facilitator Pete Mullineaux has prepared an adaptable creative writing lesson plan for post-primary schools. The plan focuses on utilising the senses, both in writing a poem and in appreciating a poem, and is based around one of Pete's own poems, 'Harvest Festival'. 

» Download lesson plan for 1st Year - 6th Year

Watch Pete Mullineaux read 'Harvest Festival'


Extra inspiration! 

Best-selling children's author Marita Conlon-McKenna reads one of her favourite poems for Poetry Day Ireland.