Announcement of Poetry Town Bursaries

23rd September 2021

We recently wrapped up nine days of Poetry Town, which celebrated the pride, strength and diversity of 20 towns across the island of Ireland. 

The aim of Poetry Town was to create communal experiences for and by the people living in each town, bringing together communities both online and in person, and inviting everyone to encounter poetry in their everyday lives. From guerrilla poetry in the supermarket, on street corners, stilts, and cycles, to pharmacists prescribing Poem Prescriptions to customers, to workshops and events that energised participants to write and read their first lines of poetry, Poetry Town showed that poetry belongs to everybody, wherever they live.

 To mark the legacy of the project, and to carry forward the enthusiasm shown by each town, Poetry Ireland will be awarding a number of bursaries to people interested in further developing their poetry. 


Each bursary will total €300-500, depending on the level of support requested by the application.

These bursaries can be used for any opportunities to develop your poetry. Some examples may include: taking a writing course, attending a writing residency, paying for mentoring or critical assessment, paying a filmmaker to create a film of your work, or simply taking time off work to devote to writing. You should let us know clearly in your expression of interest what you plan to use your bursary for.

Who should apply?

A set number of bursaries will be earmarked for three categories:

• NEW POETS: If you've only started writing the odd poem or two, and you're interested in taking part in a poetry course, or a similar opportunity to write more poetry, this bursary is for you.
• EXPERIENCED: If you have some publication credits or collections under your belt, this category is for you. 
• SPOKEN WORD: If your primary medium is performance, this bursary is for you. 

In short - everyone is welcome to apply! Have you never applied for a bursary before? We want YOU especially to apply for a Poetry Town bursary.

You do not need to live in one of this year’s 20 Poetry Towns to receive a bursary, although residents of each Poetry Town are highly encouraged to apply.


Interested applicants are asked to submit for consideration:

• One page (no longer than 500 words) about your experience with writing poetry so far and your plan for how you would like to use this bursary. Please be as specific as possible when outlining your plan for using these funds.
• 3 poems

Please email your expression of interest and poems in ONE attached Word document to 

The subject line should include POETRY TOWN BURSARY and the category you're applying for, e.g POETRY TOWN - EXPERIENCED

Deadline: Sunday 10 October, 11.59pm