Establishing a Policy on Diversity for Poetry Ireland

31st May 2017
Poetry Ireland’s executive and board are actively engaged in the process of establishing a policy around diversity and gender balance for the organisation. We are planning to publish this policy and bring it in to effect by Autumn 2017.
On a practical level, Poetry Ireland endeavours to ensure that gender balance across our work is as equal as possible, and is now working to increase the diversity of voices in our programmes. We are currently in the process of working with an external advisor to formalise this endeavour and to establish metrics-based policies on both diversity and gender equality.
This policy will ensure that we are following best practice models on diversity and gender balance across all areas of our work: Publications (submission management as well as commissioning and literary criticism), Live Literature, Education and Professional Development for Writers.
Poetry Ireland’s mission is to connect people and poetry. We are committed to achieving excellence in the reading, writing and performance of poetry throughout the island of Ireland.