I bhFad i gCéin – Far Afield

Poetry Ireland launches International Residencies Programme

10th November 2022

Poetry Ireland is delighted to announce I bhFad i gCéin- Far Afield, funded by the Arts Council, a programme of international residencies based in five cities across the globe. The programme will provide five Irish poets with a two-to-three-week residency in one of five international locations plus a bursary of €2,000.  Taking place in New York, Berlin, Edinburgh, Manchester and Montana, this ambitious programme will offer Irish poets the opportunity to immerse themselves and make contacts in one of five overseas locations in 2023.

I bhFad i gCéin, which means “far-afield” is inspired by the poetic spirit of adventure and aims to directly invest in the careers and development of Irish poets by enhancing their networks and experiences. The Residencies will be hosted by Cave Canem in New York, poesiefestival in Berlin, Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, Quarantine in Manchester and Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana. Each residency is specifically chosen to allow poets to immerse themselves in their locations and each location has been chosen to reflect the growing and diverse community of poets living and working in Ireland.

The Residencies are funded by the Arts Council’s International Residency Scheme. Each successful applicant’s travel, accommodation costs will be covered by the programme in addition to a bursary which will enable the poet to take full advantage of these unique opportunities.

Liz Kelly, Director of Poetry Ireland said “Poetry Ireland is delighted to be in a position to offer Irish poets an opportunity through these International Residencies to gain fresh perspectives and platforms for their work. Each of the five locations is unique, with local partners offering multi-disciplinary experiences ranging from digital formats in Manchester to connections with indigenous communities in Montana. Time–out to explore and write is incredibly valuable and better still, when that time out can be taken in a new setting.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs will also support the programme and work closely with Poetry Ireland and successful applicants to ensure that a support network is in place at each of the five residency locations.

Upon completion of the programme, all participants will be invited to take part in a gathering to reflect upon their creative experiences during the residencies.

The first of the residencies will begin in March of 2023 in Edinburgh with the Scottish Poetry Library with applications opening today, Thursday the 10th November and closing 6th December. A jury of cultural and poetry experts will select the winning poets. Successful applicants will be informed through Poetry Ireland in the second week of December.

Potential applicants should carefully read the guidelines for each residency, as requirements and offerings will differ in every city. Not every residency will suit every poet, and applicants are asked to carefully consider their choice of residency application.  While there is no rule against applying for multiple residencies, it is unlikely that a poet will be drawn or suited to more than one residency. The residencies in Berlin, Manchester, and Montana are open to established poets with at least one published book, while residencies in New York and Edinburgh are open to emerging poets. Each residency is open to both Irish language and English language poets.

>> New York residency Information & Application Form
The New York residency is in partnership with Cave Canem and the Irish Arts Center. This residency is aimed at Black emerging poets of the African diaspora who are currently based in Ireland, interested in forging new connections with New York City artists and performing spaces. 

>> Berlin residency Information & Application Form
The Berlin residency is in partnership with Haus für Poesie. This residency is aimed at politically engaged poets with strong performance experience and some interest in working with teenage poets.

>> Edinburgh residency Information & Application Form
The Edinburgh residency is in partnership with Scottish Poetry Library. This residency is aimed at emerging poets interested in working with children and young people.

>> Manchester residency Information & Application Form
The Manchester residency is in partnership with Quarantine. This residency is aimed at established poets interested in working collaboratively with other artists and in digital media. 

>> Montana and California residency Information & Application Form
The Montana and California residency is in partnership with Tippet Rise Arts Center. This residency is aimed at established poets interested in focusing intensely on a project in breathtaking rural Montana, followed by reading opportunities elsewhere on the West Coast, including San Francisco. Poets must be 25+ and hold a full driver's licence in order to apply.
Tippet Rise is the sister organization of the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, which Poetry Ireland has been delighted to collaborate with on a number of projects, including producing poetry films across Ireland and a 2021 film exhibition at IMMA. This residency adds to the synergies and bridges among all three organizations. 

International Residencies Programme
Presented by Poetry Ireland. Funded by the Arts Council’s International Residency Scheme 2022.  In association with Department of Foreign Affairs.