Larry O’Loughlin

4th May 2023

All of us in Poetry Ireland are deeply saddened at the passing of our great friend, Larry O’Loughlin. Larry brought joy, warmth and his mischievous humour – and not a little anarchy - to thousands of children in schools around the country during his Writers in Schools visits. As well making poetry and writing fun for children, he also strove to raise their awareness of other children less fortunate than themselves through accident of their place of birth. Larry was particularly passionate about the injustice of child labour and bonded slavery. He initiated the Poetry Ireland Global Citizenship Programme, which is still running today.  He was an inspiration, not only to children and teachers across the country, but also to other writers, mentoring aspiring young writers, and always giving generously of his time and attention. 


Namaste Larry.


“It’s sad to think that lots of toys that moms and dads buy girls and boys are made for them by girls and boys who never get to play with toys.”  (‘Sad’ by Larry O’Loughlin. From Something Beginning with P, O’Brien Press, 2004).