Poetry Day Ireland 2020 General Event Registration is now open

18th December 2019

A major one-day festival of Irish poetry, Poetry Day Ireland 2020 takes place on Thursday 30 April. Absolutely everyone is invited to join in and celebrate poetry’s very special place in Irish culture – traditional and new. 

Almost 150 poetry-related events took place on Poetry Day Ireland last year, in libraries, bookshops, arts centres, schools, hotels, nightclubs, bars, cafes and street corners from Kerry to Derry. Everyone is invited to join in and celebrate and we welcome all events and activities, large or small!

Wondering where to begin? The theme for 2020 is There will be time. 

Time – we never seem to have enough of it and it moves too fast. Or else it moves too slowly for our liking, as we count down minutes, hours and days.

Time is universal in all of our lives. Whether we’re looking to the past, living in the ‘here and now’ or pondering what our future will look like.

Each poem is a time machine – travelling to the past or the present or the future, examining the way we were, are, and hope to be.

‘There will be time’ is particularly apt as a theme for 2020, which is a Leap Year. We especially notice the mutability of time when an entire extra day materialises in the year because of our collective will.

For more advice on planning your own Poetry Day Ireland event, check out our page here. Still have questions? Send us an email to info@poetryireland.ie or ring us at 01 6789815

Events should be submitted by Monday 17 February for inclusion in the print programme for Poetry Day Ireland, on social media and in press releases. Events submitted after this date will be listed on the website only. 

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