Poetry Day Ireland 2022

28th January 2022

This year's Poetry Day Ireland takes place on Thursday 28 April, and our 2022 theme is ‘Written in the Stars’.  

Now in its eighth year, this day-long celebration of the crafted word, spoken and written, is presented by Poetry Ireland in partnership with poetry enthusiasts the length and breadth of the island of Ireland. 

Our Event Registration is open. 

Written in the Stars 

Live for the moment, we’re advised. But who doesn’t want to know their future right here, right now? It’s why people gaze into crystal balls, consult the I Ching, sneak a glance at their star sign in a newspaper, hold out a palm to be read in a booth at an amusement arcade, or analyse the Dow Jones to guess whose stock will rise and whose will fall.  

Do the stars determine our destiny? Or are they indifferent observers as we attempt to navigate our place in the cosmos by their ancient light? Can the turn of a tarot card decide whether we become The Magician or The Fool? Or is it simply the case that Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see? 

Adopting our theme for your Poetry Day Ireland event is in no way compulsory, but if you do find some inspiration, whether in the tea leaves at the bottom of your cup or in a dream, we can't wait to see your take on it!

For Poetry Day Ireland, we want your poems of prophesy and prediction. Or, in contrast, your poems questioning the idea that we can ever know what’s coming down the line. 

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