Truth or Dare? Call out to editors for poems to feature in the campaign for Poetry Day Ireland 2019

20th November 2018

Poetry Ireland is inviting submissions from editors of literary journals and poetry publishers based on the island of Ireland for poems to feature in the campaign for Poetry Day Ireland 2019, which will take place on Thursday 2 May.  

The theme for 2019 is Truth or Dare? Speak your truth, or dare to see the world differently. Choose wisely! 

The poems submitted by editors must fit this theme.   

8-10 poems will be selected by our independent selector, poet Elaine Feeney, to feature on posters, postcards and online. 

They will be on wide public circulation in advance of and including Poetry Day Ireland. Selected poets will also receive a 50 once-off fee 

How to submit:  

  1. Poems should be emailed as a word or pdf attachment to 

  1. The deadline for submissions is Friday 14 December.  

Guidelines for submissions:  

  1. Poems will be accepted from the editors and literary editors of print journals, newspapers, periodicals and magazines published in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Poems will also be accepted from poetry book publishers based on the island of Ireland.  

  1. Online journals and web-only publications may submit if a majority of their editors are based the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

  1. Entries from individual poets of their own work will not be accepted. This includes self-published collections.  

  1. Entries must broadly align with the theme of Poetry Day Ireland 2019: Truth or Dare?  

  1. Ideally the poems submitted should be a maximum of 30 lines long, but we will consider sections from longer poems.  

  1. There is no limit to the number of poems that can be submitted by each editor.  

For inquiries relating to this call out, please contact Muireann Sheahan at