Poetry Day Ireland is a major one-day festival of Irish poetry. In 2018 we'll be celebrating Poetry Day Ireland on Thursday 26 April and our theme for 2018 is Poetry Surprises!  

This year's theme: Poetry Surprises

Poetry surprises. It knocks on your door and runs away. It greets you on the street with a face you haven't seen in years. Look in the mirror and poetry shows you the back of your head. It can rearrange the stars and resurrect the past. When your breath snags and your heart thumps; when something strokes your neck and makes you jump: that’s poetry.

We want to hear about the truths and revelations that a poem has dropped unexpectedly on your doorstep. Whether there is a poem hiding in your attic or you’re still vibrating from the electric shock of a particularly powerful jolt of verse, we’re asking everyone to spring some poetry surprises on Poetry Day Ireland: 26 April 2018!  

Almost 150 poetry-related events took place on Poetry Day Ireland last year, in libraries, bookshops, arts centres, schools, hotels, nightclubs, bars, cafes and street corners from Kerry to Derry. Everyone is invited to join in and celebrate and we welcome all events and activities, large or small.