There will be time

The theme for Poetry Day Ireland 2020 is ‘There will be time’.  

Time – we never seem to have enough of it and it moves too fast. Or else it moves too slowly for our liking, as we count down minutes, hours and days. 

Time is universal in all of our lives. Whether we’re looking to the past, living in the ‘here and now’ or pondering what our future will look like. 

Each poem is a time machine – travelling to the past or the present or the future, examining the way we were, are, and hope to be. 

‘There will be time’ is particularly apt as a theme for 2020, which is a Leap Year. We gain an extra day of time that didn't exist in the previous year.

Which brings us to the question: is time linear, always moving from past to future via the ever-changing present?  

Or is it cyclical, always dying and born again like the seasons, “turning and turning in the widening gyre”, as W.B. Yeats writes in ‘The Second Coming’. First published 100 years ago, the poem celebrates its centenary in 2020.  

Adopting our theme for your event is in no way compulsory but if you do organise something on the time theme, we can't wait to see your take on it!