New Directions: Maps and Journeys

The theme for Poetry Day Ireland 2021 is ‘New Directions: Maps and Journeys’.  

Maps guide us – whether we’re exploring unchartered territory or making turns from muscle memory on paths we’ve trodden a thousand times before, there’s a joy in both discovering new routes and retracing the old.  

We use maps to orientate ourselves in the world, to show us where we’ve come from and which new direction we’re heading towards. 

They’re never static – they change as we change. Maps mirror our blooming populations and how our coastlines shift over time. Where one road ends, another begins - paths reroute or emerge unexpectedly to help us on our way. 

Maps stoke our dreams about future adventures. The spinning globe excites us in anticipation of travel, and a variety of locations yet to be visited. But the unmapped provides just as much fuel for the imagination; the mysteries stirred by buried cities and embattled borders.

What does it mean to go off map? Or to take the road less travelled as Robert Frost once wrote. For Poetry Day Ireland 2021, we’ll explore these themes in poetry, and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. Check your coordinates, sketch out your route and get ready for a poetry adventure on 29 April!