LabeLLit 2018

Take Me Home...A Thousand Times

(Image: courtesy of Kerrie O’Brien 2016) 

The Poets & A Gift of Poetry:  

For Poetry Day IRL 2018, Belfast-based poet Maria McManus has recruited more than 60 poets to join her in sharing luggage labels (20 each) with a micro-poem of their own – a micro-literature response to the world, across the world. There are poets in Australia, USA, Spain, Portugal, England, Wales, and all over Ireland, north and south. 

On #PoetryDayIRL poets will be leaving the literary labels in unexpected places for the unsuspecting, to delight, surprise, engage and gladden a few hearts so anyone can take a poem home.  

Finders Tweeters! Find a label. Tweet about it. Take it home; you’ll be bringing home a little work of art. The poets are sharing the written word. It might be a phrase, a haiku, a maxim, a gut response, a shout out, the quiet voice, a comfort, a gentle confrontation, or just the plain truth, Label-Lit is intended to be shared. LabeLLit encourages connection in evocative, gentle, human ways through literary art and poetry.   

Home is where the heart is... take a poem there... 

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