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We welcome all events, from low-key to large-scale, so if you would like to programme a poetry event on Thursday 26 April 2018, we'd love to hear from you!

Getting started

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve put together some ideas and information to help you get into gear. There are many ways to get creative with the day and with this year's theme: Poetry Surprises. Here are just a few:

  • Poetry readings can work in many venues including libraries, coffee shops, schools, community centres, bookshops, arts centres or even shopping centres. You could programme a poetry coffee morning, a literary lunch or a poetic picnic. Your event could invite local poets to read their work, or you could gather a selection of well-known members of your community (eg head of the local Chamber of Commerce, local well-known writers, actors or sports people, your local TD, teachers, business people) to read from a selection of poems. Take a look at our selection of poems on this year's Poetry Surprises theme below, for some ideas to get you started (coming soon).
  • Organise a Poetry Slam: Slightly more exuberant than your standard reading, slam poetry/spoken word nights are exploding across Ireland. Here’s a » useful guide for running your first poetry slam. 
  • Host an Open Mic night for both experienced poets and writers who might be reading their work for the first time. We’d encourage extending the invitation to musicians as well. Often, this format works well with 1 or 2 featured poets who are planned and promoted beforehand, with the rest of the time filled with sign-ups on the night. Often, organisers will designate one person to take names and announce the running order throughout the night.

What do I need to think about when planning a local event for Poetry Day?

  • What? Where? When? Decide on a time and place, depending on the type of event you have in mind. Take an estimate of what your numbers might be on the night in order to find a venue of appropriate size.
  • Booking a venue: If you’re planning a poetry reading or similar event, some ideal options are cafés, pubs with function rooms, and bookshops. Many will rent out their space for free, and all it usually takes is a phone call to the venue (as early in advance as possible). When organising a reading or event, it’s important to make sure the sound will be relatively undisrupted, the space is easily accessible, and the view isn’t blocked for anyone, so it might be worth checking out the space beforehand.
  • You will need to decide whether to charge admission. If so, you’ll have to decide whether you want to sell tickets at the door or in advance. Free admission will mean a bigger audience. However, if you’re looking to pay poets or cover the cost of renting a space, standard admission price might range from €2 - €10 or could be entirely donation-based. "Pay what you think it's worth" nights have become very popular! If you want to sell tickets in advance, sites like and offer good solutions. 
  • Arrange to use a microphone, if necessary and/or possible.
  • If using a public space, ensure that you leave a clean trail behind.
  • Make sure to have someone take pictures and tweet them to us @PoetryIreland using the hashtag #PoetryDayIrl. 

How to find local poets

We invited poets around the country to send us their details if they'd like to be included in our database of poets by county of residence. You can » download this database now to search for a poet near you - and a few Irish poets who are working further afield too.

Please note that this database was complied through an open invitation to any poet wishing to list themselves. It has not been curated by Poetry Ireland. 

You can also » contact us and we'll be very happy to put you in touch with poets in your area. 

Poets who wish to make their contact details accessible on this database should » fill in our online form now

How to promote your event

It's important to make sure your event is properly promoted. It sounds obvious, but the earlier you start marketing it, the more people will be aware of it! Here are some tips to help you spread the word on your Poetry Day Ireland event:

  • » Download a Poetry Day Ireland poster to help promote your event
  • » Download a Poetry Day Ireland poster with space for your event details, to help promote your event
  • » Register your event with us as soon as possible so that we can list it on our What's On page and include it in our Poetry Day Brochure. In 2018 the deadline for including your event in our brochure is Thursday 1 March. You can also » download the Poetry Day Ireland logo to use when promoting your event. Once your event is registered with us, we'll also help promote your event on Poetry Ireland's Facebook and Twitter pages. 
  • Provide at least 80 words of great copy to describe your event. Try to think about the benefits of the event (ie why should someone come along?) rather than just limiting it to biographical details of the reader, for example. 
  • Send a suitable image. We know how tricky it can be to source a brilliant image for your event with little or no budget. However, do keep in mind that many websites (including and require images that work well in letter-box or landscape formats. Events on need images that are 616 x 400 pixels. We're happy to resize your images for you, but we can only use them if they're large enough, and suitable for cropping to this format. Please submit images for your event to
  • Making a Facebook event page is a great way to get some free publicity. We'd also recommend submitting your event to some of the many free events listings sites online. Some well-known listings websites include,,,, and
  • Local newspapers are often happy to cover local events, and arts organisations in your area may agree to recipriocally promote events through social media - so reach out to those closest to you. 

Poetry Ireland is running a marketing, advertising and PR campaign to drive people to all of the events around the country which are listed on our website and we will also issue national and regional press releases to drive awareness of Poetry Day Ireland.

Register your event

Event registration is now open and the deadline for inclusion in our Poetry Day Ireland brochure is Thursday 1 March 2018. You can » download the Poetry Day Ireland logo to use when promoting your event. 
>> Register your event now 

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