Hedge School Poets and Travelling Bards

  • Thursday 29 April, 7.00pm
  • Streamed via Facebook
  • Tickets: Tickets are free but a link will be available to donate to the Kiltartan Gregory Museum

Hedge School Poets and Traveling Bards will highlight the importance of poetry in Hedge School education, and the opportunity it gave to take the pupil.

Travelling scholars were known to impart their wisdom in a bard like manor bringing the outside world along with them. The event will take place at the Kiltartan Gregory Museum, built by the Gregory’s for the people of Kiltartan.

Kiltartan Cross features in Yeats' poetry as well as Raftry’s “In praise of Mary Hines” It is in close location to two previous Hedge Schools.

Ger Conneely a local playwright will give an introduction to the history of hedges schools and the importance of poetry in them. Several local poets will share their original work, interspersed with musical pieces from Antoine Ó Raifteirí, Francis Fahy and Turlough O Carolyn.

Organised by Iontach Creative Collective. 

Streamed via Facebook - link to come.