Schools Awards in Adare

As part of Poetry Town Adare, Schools Awards took place, with primary and secondary school students invited to submit poems in six different categories. They could write a poem about their town, a local place, or a person from the area.  

Schools in the town were contacted with details of how the Awards work. Entries opened on 3 September and closed at midnight on 30 September. 

About the Awards 

Awards entries were judged anonymously. An independent adjudicator was appointed for each town who shortlisted the submissions, and Poetry Ireland made the final decisions on the awards. 

Full information, including details of the categories, can be found on the Rules and Conditions of Entry PDF

Winner - Adare

We're delighted to announce that Maria Fitzgerald, of Our Lady's Abbey, Adare, has won in the 3rd/4th class category for her poem 'Adare Flowers'.

Adare Flowers 

Flowers in the garden, 
Dancing in the breeze, 
Making people happy, 
Doing as they please, 
Lilies, sunflowers too, 
Daisies and cat mint which bees like to chew, 
Tulips and daffodils, 
Keeping spirits high, 
Waiting for you and me to enjoy, 
Adare flowers, 
Cheerful and fun, 
Flowers are pretty, 
But need lots of sun!