Coming Home to Your Creativity (beginners workshop)

  • 11 September, 1pm
  • O’Hara’s Speakers Corner

Coming Home to Your Creativity

Suitable for beginners with an interest in writing prose or poetry. 

Maria Gillen is an international story teller, spoken word teacher, poet and contributor to the World Poetry Cafe. During lockdown, she has run many workshops online with a view to bringing people home to their creativity in these strange times.  She holds an M.A. in Dramatherapy from Maynooth University and has 22 years’ experience in the Corporate Sector with significant experience in Corporate Crisis Management.  

In this workshop, she will facilitate the participants to leave behind automatic thinking and staid structures. She will invite them into the world of creative thinking through playful exploration of themes and topics, improvisation techniques, the beauty of language and rhythm.

This year Maria won the prestigious Bealtaine Hero Award for Co-Creating Stories.

If you would like to mine your creative seam or get back to writing, you should attend this live event in Bandon’s oldest traditional speakers corner. Booking early is advised.