Community Engagement Projects

  • Private activities – not open to the public

Bandon Poetry Town and Poetry Ireland firmly believe in the power of poetry as a tool for social and personal growth. We are committed to engaging our local community through a programme of compelling experiences tailored to our neighbourhood and its needs.

As part of Poetry Town, we’ve planned a number of unique activities for community groups in Bandon. These include: 
Blowing on the Embers 
A two-part workshop at Bandon Day Care centre run by the Bandon poet, Margaret O'Driscoll. Margaret is a very busy mother of seven, grandmother of eleven and lives in Bandon Co. Cork. The Best Things in Life are Free is her first collection of poetry and it reflects the things in life that are the most meaningful and memorable for her. 

After 18 months in isolation, this workshop is to celebrate the cautious reopening of services for the elderly, in a state-of-the-art facility that is managed by a progressive team of health care professionals.

Bandon Fit4Life - Poetry Pit Stops 

Running is like music, capable of infinite varieties of mood. We can run in zestful joy, or in somber meditation - and we think running and poetry have a lot in common.  

As part of Bandon Poetry Town, Bandon Fit4Life will be simultaneously running and taking in a selection of poems celebrate the grit that it takes to start and keep going, the rewards of putting your body on the line and the freedom of concentrating on one thing only. With a group for all abilities, starting at Kelleher’s taking in the perimeter of the town, be inspired with Bandon Poetry Town. Please note only members can take part. Forms to join up and further information can be found at