The Alchemy of the Image – workshop with Afric McGlinchey

  • 13 September, 6-9pm
  • Online

...memories themselves are...nothing. Not till they have turned to blood within us...   – Rainer Maria Rilke 

This workshop is for participants who have already begun publishing in journals and who are open to experimentation. After a series of swift generative exercises, we will zone in on words and images that give us most pleasure and personal resonance, and combine them in ways that produce poems with a magic-realist charge. Even if you prefer a straightforward narrative style, these exercises will give you ideas about how to layer experiences and juxtapose images to make your writing a little less ‘ordinary’. 

For this workshop, please bring along a dictionary and several different coloured highlighters, as well as a notebook and pen.

Creative Bandon are delighted to welcome Afric McGlinchy to Poetry Town Bandon.  Always a vibrant presence, Afric’s laser-like writing and editing skills make her workshops a lively, inspiring affair. 

At the week’s finale event, the Poetry Supper Club on Sat 18 Sept, Afric will also read from her new prose poetry volume Tied to the Wind.