Poetry Underfoot

  • 10-18 September
  • Around the town

For once, let’s hope that it rains!  

When you’re out and about in your town after a rain shower, look down. Lines of poetry will appear…as if by magic. 

You can find Poetry Underfoot on Carter Square and outside Tourist Office on Main Street, on 10 September. 

Among the rain paint writings, you’ll find: 

So throw open  
the drapes 

And praise 
the rain 

(from 'A Fragment Torn from the Book of Showers' by Doireann Ní Ghriofa, from To Star the Dark, Dedalus Press 2021) 

Don’t sit out the storm, 
don’t pray that it passes. 

Move as it moves 
and move in it. 

(by Leeanne Quinn from her collection Some Lives, Dedalus Press 2020)