Poetry Underfoot

  • Poetry Underfoot
  • Stone along the quay

Here’s a reason to look forward to a rainy day! Stroll down to the quay near the bridge in Carrick-on-Shannon to see the ‘Rain Paint’ Installation featuring a line of poetry from the new work written by Carrick-on-Shannon’s Poet Laureate Vincent Woods for Poetry Town. This line from Vincent’s newest poem will only become visible when it becomes wet. If Leitrim gets one of those rare weeks of sunshine, bring a bottle of water with you to make this poem come alive.

The stencil for this piece was created by local artist Aidan Murray. Originally from Dublin, Aidan is now located in Co Leitrim. He has a history in street art, graffiti and mural art. A member of ‘The Nom Nom Collective’ and a founding member of ‘PookaDubh’, an independent illustration business with a number of children’s books published with ‘Veritas’. He has exhibited his art work at art exhibitions across Ireland and Europe, and his artwork features in a number of street art books and graffiti magazines.