Community Engagement Projects

  • Private workshops – not open to the public

Carrick-On-Suir Poetry Town and Poetry Ireland firmly believe in the power of poetry as a tool for social and personal growth. We are committed to engaging our local community through a programme of compelling experiences tailored to our neighbourhood and its needs. 

As part of Poetry Town, we’ve planned a number of unique workshops for community groups in Carrick-On-Suir. These include: 
Poetry Meets Film
"Water Under The Bridge" is an upcoming short film written and directed by Rehan and produced by Carbonated Comet Productions for Virgin Media. The film is a coming-of-age story about a young refugee, Bilal.  

Rehan and Heather will have the privilege of working alongside young people with experience of living under Direct Provision. This project will involve giving these young people the script for the upcoming film and thus they will be able to illustrate their perspectives on Bilal's story through the poetry that it inspires. The use of blackout poetry will be essential to these workshops.    

As someone who has experienced life under Direct Provision for himself, Rehan understands the importance of gaining input from those who are reflected in such stories. This initiative allows this input to be captured through the art of poetry.  
Poetry In Motion VisPo Workshop 
A VisPo (Visual Poetry) workshop with cyclists of Carrick-on-Suir, hometown of cycling legends Sam Bennett and Sean Kelly.  

This VisPo workshop, Poetry in Motion, will be facilitated by Michelle Moloney King of Beir Bua Press and will capture in words and images the experiences of those who :

• know a sprocket from a derailleur and a quick-shift from a tubular  

• compete or have competed  

• are part of the support network that keeps those wheels turning  

• know the highs and are familiar with the lows