Café & Chemist Poems

  • 10-18 September

Need a pick-me-up coffee? Looking to get a prescription filled? 

Local cafés and chemists in your town will be distributing poetry to customers from 10-18th September. Drop in to any one of the businesses below and see what poem you get with your receipt. We all need a moment to ourselves these days, so put the poem in your pocket and read it at a moment when you need a bit of time out.  


  • Ormond’s Café, 5 Grattan Square 
  • Two Sisters, 32 Grattan Square 
  • Gourmet House, 3 Grattan Square 
  • Jitterbeans, 65 Main Street 
  • Café Bliss, 5 Sexton Street, Abbeyside 
  • The Square Grill, 31 Grattan Square 
  • Joe’s Coffee House, Sarsfield St. Abbeyside 
  • Ivan’s, Dungarvan Shopping Centre 
  • O’Brien’s Sandwich Café, High St 
  • Cass  & Co. 13 Main Street 
  • The Blue Door Café, Davitt’s Quay 
  • Churriosity, 3 Mary Street 
  • The Interlude, Davitt’s Quay 
  • Kimmie’s Kitchen @ the Mill, Davitt’s Quay 
  • The Shamrock, 4 O’ Connell Street  
  • Causeway Coffee, The Bridge 
  • Rosalie’s Gelateria and Coffee, 20 Grattan Square 
  • Meade’s Cafe, 22 Grattan Square 
  • Starbucks, Dungarvan Shopping Centre 
  • Releaf, 5 Mary Street 
  • Copper Buoy, 86 O’Connell Street 


  • Hallahan’s Pharmacy, 38 Grattan Square 
  • Haven Pharmacy, Connolly’s, 59 Main Street 
  • Murray’s Care Plus Pharmacy, 41 Grattan Square 
  • McCauley Pharmacy, High Street 
  • Cloneety Late Night Pharmacy, St. Garvan’s Terrace 
  • Kelly’s Pharmacy, High Street 
  • Kelly’s Pharmacy, The Causeway, Abbeyside