Reshaping Art and The Landscape - A Poetry Walk on the Waterford Greenway from Dungarvan

  • 11 September, 4pm
  • Davitt’s Quay, Dungarvan (Meeting at the bridge)

An hour-long walk on the Waterford Greenway, Dungarvan, featuring poetry from contemporary writers, Molly Twomey and Samuel Yakura. Both poets will perform a number of poems, stopping at significant landmarks such as Walton Park and the Moresby Buoy to draw parallels with themes in their work. 

Date: Saturday 11 September 2021    

Time: 16:00-17:00  

Meeting Point: Davitt’s Quay, Dungarvan, close to the Bridge and then along the Greenway

Free Event - No need to book, walking level easy, duration 1 hour approx. It will go ahead rain, hail or shine, so come prepared weather wise! 

Contemporary poetry and the Waterford Greenway appear to have little in common. However, both are created from repurposed material; the greenway used to be a train track and poetry was first recited orally to preserve history, genealogy and law. Both are moulded to reflect the changing values of modernity— the importance of nature, health, and wellbeing, of connection and shared experience. Both aim to be accessible and inclusive and will continue to transform and progress in tandem with society. 

This event aims to celebrate the dynamic world of poetry along with our shifting landscape. The poets performing at this event are innovative, exciting and new to the scene. Thomas McCarthy has described Molly Twomey as “a poet for a new Ireland, for a new post-Covid world.: Samuel Yakura “believes in performance poetry as a critical way of engaging with social narratives and the human condition in a form that transcends the printed page.”

The featured poets will read and perform their work during an energetic and lively walk along the greenway. Landmarks such as the Moresby Buoy as well as natural features, such as feathers and birdsong will be used to highlight specific themes. The work of these poets focuses on human experiences and aims to create a sense of connection for participants. The main aim of the event is to transform old or static ideas of what poetry is and to inspire people to explore more contemporary work.

The poems performed will be published in a separate bespoke zine (a small pamphlet/ magazine) formed from repurposed materials using a risograph printer, paper made from recycled material and inks made from rice production by-products. The zines will allow the participants to read along with the poets, improving the experience for those who may have difficulty hearing. They will also serve as a memento of the event. Most importantly, the zines will demonstrate the accessibility of modern poetry. Poetry is now widely available through a variety of affordable and creative mediums and not just through high-brow journals or academic reading lists. We hope that this event will give participants a new found appreciation of the Greenway as not just a place to exercise and socialise but also as a source of artistic inspiration.  

Featured Artists: 

Molly Twomey has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, Banshee, The Irish Times, The Stinging Fly, and in 2019, she won the Padraic Colum Poetry Prize. In 2020, she won the Waterford Poetry Prize and was featured on RTÉ's Arena. In 2021, she won the Eavan Boland Mentorship Award and was awarded an Arts Council Literature Bursary. She is currently working on her debut collection. 

Samuel Yakura  is a Nigerian Born Writer, Poet and Performing Artist residing in Ireland. He's a multiple-time Slam Champion both in Nigeria and Ireland, winning Slam competitions like ALS, OxFam, and Talkatives. He's a member with the Wearegriot Poetry Collective based in Dublin. He has done commissioned works for the likes of Summer in the city, Poetry Ireland, Dublin Fringe, Adrian Brinkerhoff Foundation, IMMA, Gaisce Awards, amongst others. His works reflect heavily on observing the human condition, their relationships and interaction with society and culture. He is currently in the works with the WeareGriot collective putting together their new Poetry Play "DEITIES"