Schools Awards in Tullamore

As part of Poetry Town Adare, Schools Awards took place, with primary and secondary school students invited to submit poems in six different categories. They could write a poem about their town, a local place, or a person from the area.  

Schools in the town were contacted with details of how the Awards work. Entries opened on 3 September and closed on 30 September.  

About the Awards 

Awards entries were judged anonymously. An independent adjudicator was appointed for each town who shortlisted the submissions, and Poetry Ireland made the final decisions on the awards. 

Full information, including details of the categories, can be found on the Rules and Conditions of Entry PDF


Winners - Tullamore

We're delighted to announce the winners in the Tullamore Poetry Town School Awards:

  • Sarah Byrne (Tullamore College - 3rd/4th year category) with her poem 'Tullach Mhór'
  • Bláithín Clarke (Tullamore College - 1st/2nd year category) with her poem 'Footprints by the Grand Canal'
  • Daire Spollen & James Hyland (Ballinamere National School - 3rd/4th class category) with their poem 'Shane Lowry'
  • Rory Byrne (Ballinamere National School - 5th/6th class category) with his poem 'Tullamore'

Tullach Mhór - Sarah Byrne

Is é an Tullach mhór baile beag I lár na tíre, 
Ba bhréa le gath duine é, 
Ó leanbh go sheantuistí. 

I 1785 thainig balún aer te ag titeam síos, 
Ach d’eirigh an baile ó na fuinseoga, 
Anois bíon an féinics igónaí ag na daltai, 
Ar  geansaí scoile gach lae. 

Is baile iontach é, 
Le haiseanna at fheabhas,  
Being rud éigeann ann do gach duine, 
Chun spraoi agus spórt a bheith acu. 

Footprints by the Grand Canal - Bláithín Clarke

They walk together by the water’s edge, 
The same place they’ve walked all their lives 
Where they’ve seen and heard a myriad of things 
Barges with horses, cherry blossoms in Spring, 
Fluffy grey cygnets chaperoned by ferocious elegant swans. 

The sailing boats that pass through in Summer 
And the reeds that sway in the Autumn breeze 
The ice that seizes hold of the water in Winter 
And the bridges, arching and curving,  
Connecting people, places and things. 

The memories of old times fill their minds 
As they retrace their footsteps  
And pass familiar places 
As they walk together by the water’s edge 
The same place they’ve walked all their lives. 

Shane Lowry - Daire Spollen & James Hyland 

Clara’s hero,
He made us proud. 
I was cheering for him 
In the crowd. 

Esker is the club 
Where he started to play. 
He won the Irish open, 
He became famous that day. 

Then the British open,  
Fleetwood came near, 
But Shane won the Claret Jug. 
That was a special year. 

He supports Offaly 
Whenever they play. 
I saw him in Croke Park 
On All-Ireland final day! 

Tullamore - Rory Byrne

In the middle of Ireland lies a wondrous gem, 
Once the place of balloon fire mayhem. 
And like a phoenix from the ashes it rose 
And now it’s a shining light that glows! 

Tullamore is famed for many things, 
Its friendly people with Sragh, Ballycowan and Charleville Castle, 
Fit for kings! 

The Grand Canal peacefully flows, 
Once a place for trade, 
Now a track for walkers and cyclists to go! 

Beautiful churches to visit and relax, 
While others would listen to music and have the craic! 
With sports and dram, so much to do, 
Tullamore is a county town from me to you.