Nerys Williams

– after Wim Wenders

When I think like a child
I become the child.

Though my flight absconds 
from a divided city,

with its time of questions
its susurrus of a library.

Voices grow to a choir
of utterance in my head.

When the child was a child
sunlight was slight, 

and spots of rain 
were marvels.

The flower imagined 
folding into nightfall.

Evil did not exist 
except in battered books.

A man looks over his shoulder
stares into space and whispers:

‘I want the now and now and now
to follow the incline of her neck.’

Weighted against the consolation of angels
who brush against the hurt of ordinary lives.

Who tell us the dear one is asleep in the next room.
Who tell us to testify is never enough.

Page 56, Poetry Ireland Review Issue 117
Issue 117

Poetry Ireland Review Issue 117:

Edited by Vona Groarke

Issue 117 includes new poems from over twenty five poets from Ireland, the UK, the US and elsewhere, along with three new poems by Michael Longley, one of the UK’s foremost contemporary poets. The issue features reviews of more than twenty new poetry collections, including books by Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Claudia Rankine, Louise Gluck, Eavan Boland, Dennis O’Driscoll and Dermot Healy. Interviews include a feature on photographer, Seamus Murphy, about collaborating with musician and poet PJ Harvey and poet Eliza Griswold on separate publications, as well as an interview with Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis by Colette Bryce. Colour plates include photography by Seamus Murphy and artwork by Niamh Flanagan.