Eilis N’ Dhuibne Almqvist
I saw you today sitting in a shaft of sunlight wearing a fawn jumper
and not your jacket
and I understood then
that men's jackets are coats of armour protecting them.
From what?
Later, someone showed me
a pigeon's nest on a cornice at the window with a new-hatched pigeon in it.
Its down was fawn and matted
and it had that newborn look
all new things have
before they get that shine
all young things share
when they're no longer new as rain and have their coats on:
The body thin and wrinkled, the down wet tiny eyes seeking, seeking, on a shelf overlooking Leinster House
in a nest of old electric wires and ropes.
When I saw you again you had your sports coat on
and you were cracking jokes with other blokes in jackets.
Page 46, Poetry Ireland Review Issue 28