Ruairí Heeney

It starts with a stamp
In the corner of a letter
I’d travel across the world
To make a friend feel better.

Now I’m in the dark
And it’s hard to see
Hopefully someone
Comes to collect me.

It’s now five thirty
And someone is coming
Soon I’m in a sack
And an engine is running.

I’m now in an office
And being thrown around
Oh look I’m in a pile
That’s Termon Feichin bound.

I’ve been picked up by the postman
And brought outside
He opens his post van
And chucks me inside.

I arrive at a house
He walks up to the door
He opens up the flap
And throws me on the floor.

Someone sees me
And lifts me with care
Goes in the kitchen
And my envelope they tear.

So they read my words
And see that I’m from a friend
I’m happy with their smiles
And that my journey’s at an end.


Ruairí Heeney's poem 'Post' was written in response to Poet in Residence Catherine Ann Cullen's Poetry Prompts for Children during the COVID-19 quaratine.

Page 00, Poetry Ireland Review