So So

Pat Cotter

(for D.D.)

So many geraniums in our house
so many geraniums
we are deafened by the multitude of petals
stretching open in the mornings,
all at once, all together
and the air is so suddenly filled with perfume
as if it were swept here on the tail of a gale
so many geraniums
with a newspaper's jagged edge I could cut
the veins in my fingers,
they are so soft since touching you
I listen to your voice so musical I need
never hear another song
and your hair is enough to clothe me in the coldest storm
the paths you lead me along twist like a dancer's belly
they are so dark I need never close my eyes
so musical so dark so many geraniums
you fill my mind with so many thoughts there are
not enough windows in the world to frame them in
if ever you left me there's not a building high enough
that could account for my fall so many steps
would I tumble down in my own mind
so many steps so many thoughts so many geraniums

Page 49, Poetry Ireland Review Issue 17