The Names of the Plague

Ian Duhig

after the Middle English

The blame gamer, the ill-shamer, 
the brave-killer, the grave-filler, 
the buck-passer, the eye-glasser, 
the sight-saver, the night raver, 
the faith-shaker, the rule-breaker, 
the duff ruler, the bluff fooler, 
the world-beater, the word-eater, 
the first aider, the worst-paider, 
the spit-sailor, the inhaler, 
the high fever, the deep griever, 
the dry cougher, the hat-doffer, 
the cold creeper, the old-reaper, 
the youth-wrecker, the truth checker,
the head-cracker, the lost tracker, 
the host-racer, the slow tracer, 
the job-loser, the lost boozer, 
the cramped-homer, the spread coma, 
the room slayer, the doomsayer, 
the sick-tricker, the nit-picker, 
the mad chatter, the foil-hatter, 
the mask-hater, the nurse-baiter, 
the flock fleecer, the palm greaser, 
the deal-lander, the back-hander 
the wrong richer, the song hitcher, 
the rhyme rider, the time bider.

(Its chief name is Legion).

Page , Poetry Ireland Review Issue 132
Issue 132

Poetry Ireland Review Issue 132:

Edited by Colette Bryce

Poetry Ireland Review 132, edited by Colette Bryce, features memorable new work from Denise Riley, Kayo Chingonyi, Luke Morgan, Katie Donovan, Nick Laird, and Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh, among many other excellent poets. Books reviewed include Seán Hewitt's Tongues of Fire, Caitríona Ní Chléirchín's The Talk of The Town, Bhanu Kapil’s How To Wash a Heart, and The Historians, the incomparable Eavan Boland's valedictory collection. 

The issue also features Ailbhe Darcy's perceptive analysis of Documentary poetry in performance, focussing on Kimberly Campanello's MOTHERBABYHOME; while Emily S Cooper connects two father figures – her own father and the Irish-American poet Michael Donaghy – through their shared love of traditional music; and Adam Wyeth conducts an interview with poet and dreamworker Paula Meehan, to mark the publication of her Selected Poems. Kathy Tynan is this issue's featured artist: her domestic workstations and solitary suburban scenes perfectly capture the zeitgeist for this end-of-year issue.