The Night We Were Dylan Thomas

Mara Bergman

In ways we were a very unlikely group: Mark engaged 
and David with his thick moustache and beard, you 
a sophomore and me in my first year, our friendship 
sown in a faming town, upstate New York, 
in stark-lit rooms and the Rathskeller where 
one Friday afternoon we drank pitcher after pitcher
of beer and one by one composed a line and passed it on 
until we grew ... incomprehensible. More unlikely 
was that summer's night on the Upper East Side 
we converged to eat spaghetti. Was it David's 
or Mark's idea to hop a cab to the Village, 
the city singing, the driver speeding 
to the heaving bar on Hudson? Was it you or Mark or David 
who propped an elbow on the counter, looked up 
to strike that pose? Then the rest of us in turn, unlikely 
as it was to even be there, not that anyone seemed to notice
or care as we paused and waited, one by one, for someone 
to click a camera and make us famous. 

Page 10, Poetry Ireland Review Issue 123
Issue 123

Poetry Ireland Review Issue 123:

Edited by Eavan Boland

Among the poets offering new work in the final Poetry Ireland Review of 2017 are Orla Martin, Catherine Phil MacCarthy, Harry Clifton,  Erin Halliday, Alan Titley, and Nan Cohen, while the Featured Poet is Belfast sensation Stephen Sexton. The books reviewed in this issue include new titles from Michael O'Loughlin, the late John  Montague, Biddy Jenkinson, Aifric Mac Aodha, Mark Roper, and Colette Bryce's Selected Poems.  Also included is editor Eavan Boland's examination of the life and work of the late John Ashbery, and the reasons for his pre-eminence among American poets of his century; and an evocative tribute to the late Gerard Fanning from his friend Gerard Smyth. The artwork for PIR 123 comes from the SO Fine Art Editions gallery, and the issue concludes with nine intriguing questions for Michael Longley, posed by fellow Belfast poets Stephen Connolly and Stephen Sexton – followed, of course, by nine intriguing answers.