The Poetry Reading at Semple Stadium

Arthur Broomfield
The first poetry reading I ever attended
Was at Semple Stadium In the early days
Of my love affair
with Tipperary.
Everyone else thought It was a hurling match
But I knew it was a reading When I heard the poet Rhapsodise the names
of G .A.A. clubs
Through the charged aura of a hurling stadium From his bunker
Beneath the New Stand.
Isolated on his podium By ticket sellers
Counting out their takings
The Ezra Pound of Thurles Shocked me with the excitement Of the spoken word.
As he read out the names Carrick-Davins, Lorrha Boherlahan-Dualla Moycarkey, Roscrea Kilruane-McDonagh
and Borrisileigh,
The fans cheered their players and their clubs.
And I cheered the poet For giving me back My love of language.
Page 74, Poetry Ireland Review Issue 24