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Issue 9

Trumpet Issue 9

Trumpet 9, with a theme of 'Fear and Release', is guest-edited by Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan, who tells us in her editorial: “My intention is that the voices in this issue will be diverse and gently anarchic, brimming with an energy that embraces the darkness while baring its teeth”.  

Trumpet 9 contains reflections on poetry and parenthood, on poetry and activism, on games and narrative, plus book reviews, a comic strip, wonderful poems, and stunning lockdown photographs from Ruth Medjber. Chandrika's editorial concludes: “This issue may have been born out of a state of fear, but now, there is only the delight and trepidation of release. It’s yours now. I hope you enjoy it.” 

The full list of contributors is Viviana Fiorentino, Maria McManus, Llaura Ash McGee, Tapasya Narang, Polina Cosgrave, Adam Trodd, Abby Oliveira, Liz Quirke, Young Patrick McDonagh, Ruth Medjber, Siobhán Twomey, Nithy Kasa, Debbie Jenkinson, Áine O'Hara, Seán Hewitt, BeRn, Evgeny Shtorn, Osaro Azams, Francesca La Morgia, and Vikki Pinkerton. 


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